What should I do about my weddings?

You were planning a wedding and then came COVID-19? Rescheduling a celebration doesn’t have to be all love lost. The team at Midlands Wedding Services is here to help. We are here for couples that are scrambling for a new wedding date and those that would just like to go ahead and make it official now.

The Richardson’s

I had been working with the Richardson’s for months leading up to their March 21st wedding plan for a venue in Charleston, South Carolina. We had our one-week check-in to put the final seal on their ceremony, and then CDC recommendations change in the size of gatherings three times in one week. Despite the fact that the venue would no longer hold their ceremony they decided that they still wanted to get married on this date. When I heard from the bride that her guest list has decreased and that they will now have their wedding at a different location in another city. I ensured her that I would be there. They still were able to have a beautiful intimate outdoor wedding with immediate family.

Published by Troy

I am a South Carolina Notary Public, CNSA, and Wedding Officiant. I enjoy helping people by providing them with notary public services. I chose to be a wedding officiant to support and join unions from all walks of life. I have a background over 15 years in government. MBA - Organizational Leadership/Management Certification - Wedding Planning